Thursday, December 6, 2012

i'm learning to be good.let's!

it has been awhile. well, life is bearable. and i thought when you're a teacher, you'll get free times during the school break. i was so very wrong.

oh well, picked up a few good 'rituals', i woudn't call them habit because that'll degrade the function of them.and dear friends, it's never too early or too late for us to start.and when the hidayah comes, don't shun it away, sometimes it takes someone a slap in the face or a spur of the moment or a pious friend to start a change. but to some it may only be because of the poster he saw down his usual lepak place or a documentary about pandas or tree avalanche, who knows right? who knows..

i would like to share these two rituals i was referring to. the first one is, i try very hard to make time to read the Quran after my maghrib prayers. i'm a bit picky though. if i think i have ample time,i'll try to read a 4-paged surah like Luqman and also practice new ones that i often overlooked like At-Tahrim and Muhammad. and if i think i'm in a hurry, i pick the shorter surah like Ad-Dhuha but still,i choose to read it and not recite. we overlooked so many tajwid points because those surah was encrypted(word!) in our mind long long ago.

and the second one, also which i try very very hard to maintain is reading Al-Mulk before i doze off. it's quite a challenge when you're not at home and when you're too tired doing so many things up until 3 in the morning. but what i feel after i started is that i have better sleeping pattern and i don't have nightmares anymore. alhamdulillah =)

i believe, the small steps now will lead to a wonderful golden days and hereafter.

so, let's!