Thursday, March 29, 2012

stinking edible pit

last few days, a few orang asli came by to the school because my GPK1 bought sumpits from them. please don't ask what are the sumpits for because i have no idea! the orang asli came and went behind the school and they were seen carrying some petai, and so they gave some to my GPK1. he then asked a fellow teacher, kak diana to give the petais away to other teachers. as normal as a teacher would do, kak diana called haziq a form2 boy to help and she told him to give a petai each. and what did haziq with all his might said out loud in the office? "teacher irrina tak makan petai. nanti saya bagi dia, dia takut pulak. dia kan pergi belajar oversea" i'm a negeri sembilan born with malay parents. and they claim i'm scared of that stinking edible pit. i can't figure T_T

Saturday, March 24, 2012

mintak maaf burung

yesterday morning at about 7.20, i am only 3km away from my school, driving, when i saw this 2birds in the middle of my way, mematuk-matuk jalan, mencari makan. mengikut hukum alam,birds will fly away dengan sepantas kilat when something goes towards them kan? and so i drive without even thinking of hitting the brake. and the bird flew. BUT very slowly. it didn't make it in time so i accidentally hit it with my front light. the 'tuk!' sound was quite loud. boleh dengar kot dari dalam kereta. but then i saw it continued flying to the side of the road. semoga burung tu tak mati. tapi memang rasa bersalah, and i went on 'minta maaf burung' until i reach school. still rasa bersalah bila teringat burung semalam.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sesalan bagi pihak kamu

mesyuarat agung PIBG is approaching real fast and a very lucky/unlucky me, i got to be the secretary of PIBG at that instance of reporting to the school. the previous teacher who was a GSTT, was an extremely relaxed man in which he didn't tell me what's going on and i have to dig everything by myself. Plus,he told me casually, "laptop saya rosak lah,so semua soft copy apa2 yang penting semua dah takde. cikgu kena type semula lah,hard copy ada dalam file kat belakang." And i, like a perempuan gila, was really clueless and don't know where to start.

And today, my GPK Kokurikulum was kind enough to sit with me and guide me with the program book. and came along the GPK 1.

GPK 1: irrina,kenapa dulu xblajar jadi banker ke,accountant ke,lawyer ke.kamu jadi cikgu, tapi ni stuck kena buat buku program, buat surat macam-macam.
I: takpe lah cik nan,saya dulu xminat bidang lain.saya rasa english saya bagus sebab tu saya proceed TESL.
GPK 1: irrina, saya menyesal bagi pihak kamu bila tengok kamu kena siapkan buku program mesyuarat agung pibg ni.
I: *terpaksa senyum supaya nampak enthusiasm seorang guru*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

age and numbers

a friend said he has stop aging at 18 while another friend at 21.i think i'm gonna stop at 23 =P

Thursday, March 8, 2012

i am now a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Rendah Agama Johol, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. the school is so very small with enrollment of 62 students only. this school only offers form 1 up until form 3. so far, i'm the only english teacher with loads of other posts. and i officially skipped a meeting today. malas. tapi sebenarnya sekolah memang currently busy sebab TPM is coming tomorrow. and i am looking forward to share my experiences in this new environment with dear readers. have a great thursday!