Wednesday, September 28, 2011


you little boys are so mean.

worse or worst?

i've always love you at your worst. oh how i hope somebody can love me at my worst too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

why is it call nightmare?

i don't like my naps and sleeps filled with not so nice dreams. i feel tensed and when i wake up, my mood sort of lost. i hope what i dreamt today was not all particularly agree to the real life. and hey you, get well soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

melts in your mouth, not in your hand

i used m&m's to lure those two (handsome) form4 boys out of my english class with my 2ikhlas. i felt pathetic.

Friday, September 16, 2011

the gang

amzar, my f2 student taught me this gang handshake or whatever you young ghetto people call it with fist bump and all. layankan je lah kan, they're kids anyway. i did it the first time, not so smooth. i did it the second time, it was okay. suddenly, amzar announces "weyhh korang! teacher dah masuk gang kita lah!!" @_@

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

bus on tow.make way!make way!

"Was a bit shy meeting you for the first time. But more than happy to know you in the first place :D" -shapnuna

giggles and shy away

Monday, September 12, 2011


my 2ikhlas boys had a very bad friday last week. their class was spotchecked and their blackberries were seized. 14 and own blackberry smartphones. teacher pun belum mampu @_@ okay, back to the story. i knew about the spotcheck when i was walking towards my car on friday. faris called me and told me what had just happened. over facebook, they were cursing mad about the incident in school. but today there was a turn of event. as i was walking up the stairs heading to the staffroom, the boys stopped me.

amin: teacher, nasib baik bb kitorang kena rampas minggu lepas. uuiiii bersyukurnya!
miss I: huh?apa pasal pulak?
amin: kitorang kena samun minggu lepas. hari sabtu. diorang pow handphone kitorg teacher.
faez: kena rampas dapat november, kene samun tak dapat langsung. lega lega.
miss I: habis tu korang bagi apa je lah kat diorang masing-masing tak ada phone ni?
amzar: saya pakai handphone mama saya, sama macam handphone teacher. saya bagi tu je lah. malang betul miggu lepas *sad face*

kesian the boys. tapi form 2 dah ada blackberry, tak patut tak patut.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

that flasher boy

my 2 ikhlas' math teacher is on leave because she had had an operation something about her spine. because she'll be on leave for quite some months, the school applied for new math teacher. and there she comes, miss new-math-teacher. she was previously posted in sarawak. and she is very very very very very garang. lucky/unlucky me, math follows my english lessons on tuesday and friday and so, my boys, especially, will voluntarily follow me and carry my stuff(though more than always, there's nothing to carry) so that they can delay/cut short their math class. naughty naughty you boys. but one incident shocked/amazed me the most last friday. as i was walking out the class with those swarming boys, i saw faez's shirt was not tucked in. i then stopped him and told him to tucked in his shirt.

miss I: faez, ni ape pasal baju keluar-keluar ni?masukkan cepat. pergi toilet now masukkan baju.
F: ye la teacher, ni nak pegi la ni.
miss I: cpt sikit, cikgu math da masuk tu.
F: alaaa dia garang lah. lantak lah. teacher, teacher tengok ni *angkat baju tunjuk six pack*
miss I: @_@ apa ni tak malu betul ni??
F: hebat tak saya??
miss I: kalau six pack tu tak hilang sampai umur 30 baru betul-betul hebat *jalan laju-laju,muka merah*
other boys: faez bajet hot duuhhhhh

sexual harassment ke namanya ni? or just simply self confidence for him?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

that special boy

When I started my practical course in SMKHK, we were briefed by the head of language department Pn Fauziah. She told us a few details about which class she intends to give us and who is assigned under whom and what’s not. Apparently she chose me. So I got 2 classes; 4 Science 2 and 2 Ikhlas. And she gave me a heads up, there’s a boy with Asperger syndrome in 2 Ikhlas. He’s bright though. And so I was no different than a swimming duck; looks calm cruising on the lake surface but paddles like mad underneath. Pn Fauziah highlighted me only one thing about Akhil Datta s/o Cumaravadivale. And it was ‘Akhil asks A LOT of questions. Attend him but make sure you’re not carried away’. And so I think I can manage that. One of the first few questions he threw at me was as follows

The first time I entered his class for English
A: Eyh, who are you?
Miss I: I’m Miss Irrina. I’ll be teaching you English starting today until the end of September.
A: Where’s Pn Fauziah? Is she alive? Did she pindah to another school?
Miss I: Well, Akhil, she is alive and she’s around. I’m taking over her class for 3 months only. Then she’ll be teaching you again okay?
A: How did you know my name? Are you a psychic?
Miss I: Akhil, you have your nametag on.
A: *chuckles and blushes*

To my surprise, this boy is beyond asking little too many questions. He’ll remember everything(almost) about you after just three meetings. This one day, I was rushing to school hence I forgot my watch.
A: Miss Irrina, what happened to your black round-faced watch?
Miss I: Hurrmmmm...I left it in my car. Why? Do you like my watch?
A: No, I don’t like your watch. I asked because it’s not on your wrist. Miss Irrina, why did you leave your watch in the car?
Miss I: Akhil, can you stop asking questions?
Akhil: Okay *straight face*

And he never fails to wave at me everytime I leave school in the afternoon. He won’t stop waving until I wave back at him.

I’ll stop here for now. I’ll share about Akhil in future posts. Good day people!

akhil on the field during sports day.