Thursday, July 7, 2011

spelling spelling

wednesday, july 6th
miss I: farhan,what do you want?
F: noTHing. (big grin)
miss I: why are you smiling ear to ear?
F: teringat teacher sebut 'froTH'.
miss I: patutlah sebut noTHing eh?
F: saya dah pandai kan?hehe

thursday, july 7th
english with 2 ikhlas were supposed to be at 10.30 to 11.50 but instead all form 1, 2 and 4 students have to go to the hall for a talk on smart money project by perbadanan insurans deposit malaysia (PIDM)

after the talk has just finished...
A: (shouting from the ground floor) miss irrina! miss irrina!
miss I: (half yelling from the second floor) yes amzar?
A: ada spelling kan teacher? (walking faster and faster towards the stairs)
miss I: we won't be having spelling, English time has just finished.
A: alaaaaa... takde lah spelling hari birthday saya ni.
miss I: (monologue) awwwww so sweet nak spelling kan hari ni

berkesan ye buat spelling hari-hari. pronunciation ada baguih budak-budak tu

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  1. wah mau belajar pronunciation jugak miss irrina owh spelling juga..saya ade masalah besar dengan spelling.. -_-' nasib sekarang ade auto detact =D