Thursday, March 29, 2012

stinking edible pit

last few days, a few orang asli came by to the school because my GPK1 bought sumpits from them. please don't ask what are the sumpits for because i have no idea! the orang asli came and went behind the school and they were seen carrying some petai, and so they gave some to my GPK1. he then asked a fellow teacher, kak diana to give the petais away to other teachers. as normal as a teacher would do, kak diana called haziq a form2 boy to help and she told him to give a petai each. and what did haziq with all his might said out loud in the office? "teacher irrina tak makan petai. nanti saya bagi dia, dia takut pulak. dia kan pergi belajar oversea" i'm a negeri sembilan born with malay parents. and they claim i'm scared of that stinking edible pit. i can't figure T_T

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