Friday, May 11, 2012

of the reasons i blog

i first started blogging a few years back, it's another childish/teeny blog back then. then i moved on to this one, in which i think a lot more mature and simple. this really has something to do with my age i guess. the sole reason for me to start blogging was to share things i can't spill verbally. and to share things that i want everyone to know, that i think will make at least a random reader smile or laugh if not think. i always wanted to be a writer, but i cant write long. i'm the short and sweet type. and i realised that i blog less this year. so i sat and gave it a thought. no, it's not that i don't have stories to tell. it's just that i have a new someone that i can tell tales and speak nonsense. thank you for being an attentive listener dear you.

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