Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the day after

my dearest 2 Ikhlas made me cry yesterday. i wasn't sobbing but tears rolled down my cheek like girls watching chickflicks on a dateless weekend. en route to school today, of wanting to see their reaction and apologise (i only have 1period class with 4 Sc 2 on wedensdays), i really really hope i'll be given relief periods for 2 Ikhlas. and i did get two periods with 2 Ikhlas today. they were all very quiet and was not jumping, shouting and monkeying around as usual. truthfully, i miss the most annoying sound in my working life. i had a chat with saseendran, the assistant monitor.

miss I: why are they so quiet today?
saseendran: diorg semua da insaf teacher.
miss I: *smile*
saseendran: we all love you teacher. we don't want to hurt you and make you cry anymore.
miss I: *monologue* tau korang takut eh teacher da nangis macam orang putus cinta.

and today is akhil's birthday. remember the indian boy with asperger syndrome in my 2 Ikhlas? or i've never mentioned him in my blog? oh well, he came to the staff room and he saw his math teacher puan haslina.

A: heyy puan haslina, hari ni birthday aku!
PH: ye,happy birthday akhil.

Akhil pun beredar pulang ke kelas.

PH: haaa hambik kau dia 'heyyy' dengan 'aku aku ' dengan kita. nasib baik je dia sakit kan. *ketawa geli hati dengan seluruh bilik guru*

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