Thursday, August 4, 2011

the extreme ends

no wonder people doesn't like him. they can't relate to him. they talk about who's dating who and when's the indie gig and what's for berbuka but he talks about latest jaguar cars and recent F1 race and iron maiden. though they're within the same four walls but they are actually at the extreme world ends. it's okay boy, i'll try to relate to you and still maintain good bond with the others.


  1. Wohaa! I can relate well this to me. Back in my childhood, when the other kids started to talk about Digimon, I was about to get a bearing yoyo. heh. But, twas kinda good la. Sbb, it's no longer popular demand, so the price went down abit. =D

  2. so much so we can relate,this boy mmg from outer space lah.he's a brown-eyed pan of the parent is from wisconsin and he has the blonde strips of lg la ank2 melayu ni xblh nk masuk dgn dia